Torneria GS Srl can build hydraulic cylinders from Ø6 to Ø460 for a lenth of 3500 mm. The Technical Department deals with the study and design to create components with technical characteristics suitable for the field of use, making use of the Inventor and AutoCad design programs. From the warehouse, constantly supplied with quality bars and components to make up for the increasingly tight deadlines imposed by the market, the real CONSTRUCTION of the hydraulic cylinder begins through the cutting of milled, polished, mechanical pipes and chromed bars with automatic machines.



Thanks to CNC and Cad/Cam state-of-the-art machines, heads, pistons, rods, liners, bottoms, rod connectors, bottom connectors are manufactured with two-place decimal tolerances and roughness from 1.6 to 0.8 microns and with lengths up to 1500 mm. The machinery includes a Mynx 750 CNC mill with a 1750mm x 750mm ISO 40 bench that allows to perform machining with two-place decimal tolerances and with the possibility of mounting a rotating and tilting table for machining on inclined planes. Traditional machines are also included, with different diameters and lengths to be used as needed, a parallel “Zanoletti” with a 600 mm swing diameter, a “Pasquino” with a diameter of 460 mm for a turning length of 3500 mm, two Ursus for the construction of prototypes or repairs and 5 CNC lathes equipped with Y axis, motorized tools, tailstock, steady rest and bar passages up to 90mm diameter for the production of large batches. The vertical honing machine allows honing, lapping, polishing from Ø35 up to Ø250 for a length of 1500 mm to be performed on the inside of mechanical pipes in S355J2H EN 10210 /10297, cold drawn pipes suitable for honing, and pipes in H8 or H9 bringing them to a roughness from 0.8 to 0.2 microns.

During the assembly step, we check that every detail is built according to the drawing and that the interferences are corrected. New-concept polyurethane gaskets from Aston Seals, Merkel, Parker, Trelleborg, Stepseals, U-Cup RU9, Glyd Ring, Wyneal, Scraper WRM, Slydring, Wear Rings are used, which allow us to have high performance and at the same time guarantee both low and high pressure sealing.